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Vendor Qlik
Exam Code QSBA2018
Full Exam Name Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam
Certification Name Qlik Sense

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

A data architect adds a field to an existing data model that contains new values for the ProductGroup.
The business analyst needs to efficiently update the app and meet these requirements:
• Use the existing charts, which are built using a master item dimension called ProductGroup
• Existing charts must use the new values for ProductGroup
• Business users must be able to compare the new and old values
How should the business analyst meet these requirements?

A. Change the ProductGroup dimension using the new field, and create a new dimension in the
master items for the old field
B. Create a calculated dimension on the charts to allow the users to compare the new value to the
old value
C. Replace the dimensions on all charts to use the new ProductGroup field added to the data model
D. Use set analysis on the chart measures to see the difference in ProductGroup between the new
field and the old field

Answer: D

Question: 2

A business analyst must create new master items for quarterly calendar measures with companyspecific naming conventions based on
• The Date field and the Sum of Sales
• The new master items will calculate QTD Sales. Current QTD Sales, Last QTD Sales, Current Quarter
Sales, Last Year Current Quarter Sales, and Last Quarter Sales
Which three steps should the business analyst take to meet these requirements? (Select three.)

A. Right-click the Date field in the assets panel and select Create calendar measures
B. Right-click the Sales field in the assets panel and select Create calendar measures
C. Select Date, Sales, Sum, and Quarterly Save to master items, rename master items
D. Select Date. Sales. Sum. and Yearly

Answer: ABC

Question: 3

A business analyst is building a dashboard to track customer loyalty. The app has several
• A table that shows the total number of purchases by customer
• A scatter plot that shows the correlation between the number of purchases and total spent by
• A bar chart that shows the top five customers by sales
Which two measures should the business analyst use to meet these requirements? (Select two.)

A. Customer Ranking
B. Number of Purchases
C. Purchase Amount
D. Number of Products
E. Correlation

Answer: BC

Question: 4

A client wants to see a bar chart with a single measure and three dimensions Region. Product
Category, and Month
The business analyst creates a tar chart with the measure. Sum(Revenue).
Which final step should the business analyst take to complete the chart?

A. Add Region, Product Category, and Month as three different dimensions
B. Create a single master dimension with Region, Product Category, and Month
C. Add Region as a dimension, add Product Category and Month as alternate dimensions
D. Create a cyclic group with Region, Product Category, and Month as dimensions

Answer: C

Question: 5

A large organization with more than 100 departments wants to raise money for a donation in the
next 30 days This year, leadership decides to increase employee participation through a competition
Team members of departments that raise $10,000 or more receive two additional holidays.
Leadership needs the following capabilities:
• Ability to view the total donation amount
• Ability to identify departments that raise S10,000 or more
Which two visualizations should the business analyst use without set analysis to meet these
requirements? (Select two.)

A. Pie chart
B. Box plot
C. Bar chart
E. Treemap

Answer: CD

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